♥ Name: Copper Bear

                  ♥ Sex: Male scissors

                  ♥ Breeds: British Shorthair

                  ♥ Birth: 4.18 birthday

                  ♥ Age: two+

                  ♥ Hobby: zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz



♥ Pros: Clingy;Un-pickyfried_shrimp                 

♥ Cons: Greedyrice rice rice;Little troublemaker

♥ Skills: Death mark;Copper somersault;Multi paw kill;Play cutekissing_cat

♥ Hate: Hospital hospital ;Bath shower ; Insufficient food

♥ Like: My Daddy bear and Mommyrabbit  heart

♥ Dream: Swim in cat food and eat’em all heart_eyes_cat





           This is my CAT BLOG notebook

           It keeps all the things happen in my daily lives tongue

           If you’re a cat lover (that’s cool),

           or you already have a cat (we can be friend),

           you can find here or facebook, twitter, Weibo … (I’m world famous).


           Enough talk, time for a snack … wait … nobody’s home again …

           Time for a DEATH MARK smirk_cat

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